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Farming Division Department

Departamentul Producție Vegetală

Farming Division Department

Since 2007, the company has established a department for crops whose activity is carried on about 290 ha. The area of activity of the department in late 2011 has increased from 1.000 to about 1.700 Ha.  Agrinvest in 2014 took over Oscar Serv-Impex(Agrinvest Land) from Strejnic with an area of about 1,300 ha, and in 2014 also took over the Gruppo Pavia(Agrinvest Plant) from Baraitaru with the area  of 1.200 ha, in 2017 he took AgriPlus from Giurgiu County(Agrinvest Farm) with an area of 260 ha. At this point we have reached over 4.500 ha .In this department we produce seed of wheat, barley, sunflower and corn from own production and multiplication under contracts made with farmers specialize in seed production multipliers and certified by ITCSMS regional sites. In this department wheat, barley, soybeans, sunflower and maize are produced licensed by ITCSMS regional sites.

The work of this department is focused on establishment of cereals and technical plants, whose production is for consumption and for certified seed production on their own land or in operation on the lease contract. Featuring modern agricultural machinery. To this end, the seeds are subject to prior processes of conditioning, treatment, packaging and labeling, under the current rules,   the   company   having   own   processing   capabilities   and   specialized   treatment. All farms are close distance, which helps rapid management.

Contact persons in Farming Division Department

Stănescu Mircea
Director producție vegetală – Agrinvest
tel: 0747.093.222

Office Producție Vegetală
tel: 0238.727.750

Office Ferma Vegetală
tel: 0786.222.273

Agrinvest Plant
tel: 0725.352.137

Flencheş Dumitra
Director producție vegetală – Agrinvest Land
tel: 0758.059.533