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SC Agrinvest SRL is a privately owned company, founded in December 2003. Since 2004, the company expanded its scope of activity in agriculture. Currently Agrinvest is a leading provider of agricultural products and services having as main activity the establishment of crops, technical advice and funding for farmers, purchasing, storage and marketing of grain and crops, production, processing and marketing of seeds and pesticides.


S.C. AGRINVEST S.R.L. is a leading distributor of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers belonging to powerful companies that have imposed their name on the market.


S.C. AGRINVEST S.R.L. has managed to develop excellent relations through their reliability and the quality of their services.

Human Resources

In the business environment nowadays, human resources and their management plays an important role in the success of our society.


With the purpose of obtaining profitable harvests, Agrinvest supplies the necessary input: seeds, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers.

To contact us, please call the telephone number listed on the site, or access the contact page.

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Buzau, Romania                               Voluntari, Ilfov, Romania


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