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Agrinvest Golden Relationship

The Agrinvest Golden Relationship (#AGR) project is an initiative oriented towards the farmers whose businesses are on the edge, but who still have a chance to get back on track. Our mission is to create a community which evolves together and that is why we pursue strengthening long term partnerships with the farmers.

The aim of this project is to identify the businesses that have a chance to recover and to create complex intervention scenarios which will help the farmer both to get back to balance and to develop in the future. Therefore, Agrinvest group – Agrinvest SRL along with Agrinvest Credit IFN SA – enables access for these farmers to a multidisciplinary team with vast experience – financial, legal, technical, managerial, commercial etc – which will support the recovery strategy.

Moreover, through this project the Agrinvest group targets long term partnerships that will ensure the farmers will be safe even after the critical period is over and they will benefit from permanent support, and technical, commercial or financial advice, including help with a profitable sale of the harvest.

6000 ha are already integrated in this program and we target reaching 10.000 ha by the end of the year. 

Agrinvest Golden Relationship (#AGR) is an ambitious project and program, which proves again the power of partnerships, of bringing the future into the present and of business quality.

Agrinvest Golden Relationship (#AGR) is coordinated by ing. Dan N. Savoiu, an exceptional professional, an agriculture specialist with broad experience on the Romanian agribusiness market.

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